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[ANE] Free AIR Native Extensions Collection

I’ll collect about free ANE stuff here (only some of them is already test and working) feel free to bookmark for later use 😉

  1. Adobe AIR Developer Center : Getting started / Reference and documentation / Tutorials and articles, also some free ane listed there
  2. Flash Runtime iOS Team : Great develop tip eg. Commonly faced issues while developing Native Extensions for iOS
  3. iOS native extensions (ANEs) includedGame Center : Leaderboards, achievements, need to challenge friends? Integrate with the Apple iOS Game Center.

    StageAd : Reach a whole new audience and integrate with the iAd network.

    Social : Fake your game social and integrate with various social networks such as Facebook.

    In-App Purchase : Helps you increase your revenue and enable purchases directly within your game.

    Beta Testing : Looking for solid, on-the-fly beta testing? Iterate faster with TestFlight integration.

377124_10150391263817479_732387478_8350146_613330788_n katopz (Yes! Me!)

  1. ane-device-info-util : ANE for get some information from iOS device.
  2. ane-device-file-util : ANE for open file with registered application on iOS.
  3. ane-photosalbum : ANE for save image as JPEG or PNG to iOS CameraRoll (why bother use this instead ofCameraRoll.addBitmapData? please see this Error #3004: Insufficient file space.  bug for more detail)

photoAmazon Mobile App SDK

  1. Freshplanet

  1. ANE-Facebook : Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for the Facebook mobile SDK
  2. ANE-Network-Info : Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for getting Network Information
  3. ANE-In-App-Purchase : Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for In App Purchase
  4. ANE-Push-Notification : Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for Push Notification
  5. ANE-Background-Music : Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for managing background music StickSports

  1. ANE-Flurry-Analytics : Air native extension for Flurry Analytics (iOS and Android)
  2. ANE-Can-Open-URL : Air native extension for iOS to detect whether an app is installed to handle a specific URL scheme.
  3. ANE-In-App-Purchase : Air native extension for integration with Apple’s in-app purchase
  4. ANE-Game-Center : Air native extension for integration with Apple’s game center
  5. ANE-Keychain : Air Native Extension for iOS to read and write data from and to the Keychain
  6. ANE-Silent-Switch : Air native extension for iOS to mute sounds if the hardware silent switch is on. (no need anymore via AIR3.4 @see Silencing audio on iOS with Ambient Audio Playback Mode ) memeller (Paweł Meller)

  1. iOSNativeUtilities : Set of native utilities (in form of Adobe Air Native Extension) for iOS: currently unzip, access to settings bundle and nslog
  2. ContactEditor : Native Extension for iOS and Android enabling AddressBook access
  3. vfrReaderNativeExtension : Native Extension for Adobe AIR for iOS that uses vfr Reader ( to show pdf files
  4. ActionSheetAne : ActionSheet Native Extension for iOS

Michael Barr

  1. flashbuilder-ane-address-book : FlashBuilder ANE Save to Address Book for iOS
  2. flashbuilder-ane-alert : FlashBuilder ANE Native Alerts for iOS / Toast Alerts for Android
  3. flashbuilder-ane-ios-data-storage-do-not-backup-icloud : FlashBuilder ANE iOS Data Storage
  4. flashbuilder-ane-local-notification-set-app-icon-badge-number : FlashBuilder ANE Local notification setting App icon badge number
  5. flashbuilder-ane-save-date-as-calendar-events : FlashBuilder ANE Save date as Calendar Event on iOS jlopez

  1. ane-facebook : Facebook iOS ANE
  2. ane-storekit : Storekit iOS ANE
  3. ane-kontagent : Kontagent iOS ANE

h1-logo jampot

  1. ANE Native Alerts (iOS & Android) : Adobe Native Extension Native Alerts for iOS / Toast Alerts for Android
  2. ANE Save Contact to Address Book (iOS) : Adobe Native Extension Save to Address Book
  3. ANE Save date as Calendar Event (iOS) : Adobe Native Extension Save date as Calendar Event on iOS
  4. ANE Local Notification Set App Icon Badge Number (iOS) : Adobe Native Extension Local notification setting App icon badge number
  5. ANE Data Storage ‘Do Not Backup’ to iCloud on iOS 5.0.1 (iOS) : Adobe Native Extension FlashBuilder ANE iOS Data Storage Allows you to set new iCloud ‘do not backup’ attribute on iOS 5.0.1


  1. diadraw-air-camera-native-extension : This extension allows AIR applications to use the camera with control over autofocus, autoexposure, etc. – functionality, which is not available in the AIR SDK.
  2. diadraw-air-dropbox-native-extension-example : Dropbox ANE
  3. diadraw-air-email-native-extension-example : The extension enables you to use the mail composer on iOS devices and send e-mail with attachments.

Random clever dude

  1. in-app-purchase-air-ios : A sample Actionscript Native Extension for In-App Purchase capabilities on iOS. This will allow any AIR for iOS application to use the capabilities of In-App Purchases provided by iOS SDK. (tested working)
  2. iad-air-ios : A sample Actionscript Native Extension for iAds capabilities on iOS. This will allow any AIR for iOS application to use the iAds provided by iOS SDK. (tested working iOS5 stop working on iOS6)
  3. ANE-Game-Center : Air native extension for integration with Apple’s game center
  4. xcode-template-ane : XCode 4 project template for creating AIR native extensions (ANE) for iOS
  5. AIR-OpenCV-Extension : Native Extension for Adobe AIR, exposing OpenCV API’s
  6. FREPenTablet : This native extension allows you to read pressure sensitivity data from a pen tablet. It’s only been tested on Windows 7 with a Wacom Intuos 4. I’ll go through the build steps in the same format as last time.
  7. Read phone number from device : Android
  8. NativeMailExtension : (tested working)
  9. NativeAlert : Native Extension for Adobe Air enable mobile native dialog box (IOS Andoid) – Toast message, Text Input dialog, Progress dialog, Alert dialog, multi single choice dialog +System Preferences (tested working)
  10. NativeAlert : Native Extension for Adobe Air mobile to enable iOS Native Alerts with user interactions
  11. NativeAPNService : Apple Push Notification Service support for Adobe AIR on iOS
  12. AIR Maps Native Extension : provides the support for using the native mapping component in your Adobe AIR application.
  13. CaptureDevice : Adobe Air Native Extension for video capturing from cameras (tested working)
  14. ANEUnRar : Adobe Air Native Extension to Obj-C UnRar Lib (thx Pedro Casaubon)
  15. as3-arduino-connector : Connecting Arduino Prototyping board to Adobe AIR through an AIR Native Extension. Available for Windows and MacOSX.
  16. ServerSocketANE : Adobe Air Native Extension (ANE) for ServerSocket on mobile platforms
  17. Android-AIR-Extensions : This project provides some simple but useful AIR 3.0 NativeExtension for Android platform.
  18. GCM extension : (Google Cloud Messaging) which is a free service provided by Google that allows messages to be pushed to devices of your app users. (thx afterisktech)
  19. air-native-extension-euler-gyroscope : A native extension to get euler angles from the iDevice’s gyroscope
  20. Admob-ANE : Adobe AIR Native Extension (ANE) which works on iOS and on Android (tested working but will conflict with NativeMailExtension)
  21. Flurry-ANE : Flurry analytics packaged as Adobe AIR native extension. ANE is compatible with Android and iOS
  22. box2d_ane : Box2D Air Native Extension
  23. qr-zbar-ane : QR Scanner uses ZBar iPhone library.
  24. lilili87222 / admob-for-flash : admob ane lib for flash iOS app and flash android enable air application load native Advertising (need AdSupport framework while build = won’t work on Windows)
  25. flash-for-mobile : admob ane for android
  26. admob-native-extension : admob ane (non English = poor doc, tested working no conflicted)
  27. new-actionscript-native-extension-speech-recognition : an API to launch the default speech recognition UI and capture voice input. also speech-recognition-ane-source
  28. air-hid-usb : AIR native extension, wrapper for HIDAPI
  29. ANE-Localytics : Localytics analytics for mobile Adobe AIR applications (iOS & Android)
  30. CanonEOS_LIB : An Adobe Native Extension to control a DSLR Canon camera (thx Angel Ernesto Anton Yebra)
  31. appirater-ane : Adobe AIR ANE for using Appirater in your iOS projects.
  32. you tell me!

Still have no luck? try here (not free, developer still need to eat anyway)

No money but brain? build your own!

more to come…suggestion comment is more than welcome! 🙂

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